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Building Our Farm

We're happy to have you with us
We're looking forward to sharing as we grow, and inviting you to participate and enjoy our products and services!
Activities on the Farm

Organically Grown Food and Flowers

Many kinds of vegetables such as tomatoes, kohlrabi, cabbage, carrots, fruit trees, berries, eggs, dahlias, sunflowers and more.  In 2021, we expect to sell through Laura's Market in Montesano (our granddaughter's Market booth), and through the SW Washington Food Hub.
Plant Balms products

We make skin products and medicinal teas from plants and flowers.

Products can be ordered on the plant website.

Medicinal Herbs for Sale
On our Etsy store, FiveHeartsFarmOly you can buy our the herbs we grow.  We specialize in very high quality, organically grown herbs.  Chamomile, Fresh Milky Oats, Calendula, Arnica, and dozens more.  We provide fresh, freeze dried, and frozen herbs.
You Tube Channel, instagram and Facebook
We enjoy sharing how to videos for things like "how to can tuna," and "how does Don shell those crab so quickly?"  You can also see our sweet cows and chickens and their fun escapades -- and you can even watch a chicken hatch from an egg!


We have 30 laying chickens, and are getting to know and cuddle our 20 "babies" born in May and are looking forward to their eggs, and building a larger free range area for all of them. 

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Jennifer 503-970-4989
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We are happy to host visitors and parties by appointment. 
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